the author

George Loffman (BA MSc)

From a young age I have been fascinated by the material traces of the past, initially expressed as an interest in fossils but moving on to a fascination with archaeology and history. I have travelled extensively and have spent time living in Devon, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Currently I am based in the lovely historic city of York.

I completed my archaeology degree at The University of Sheffield (2006) during this time I became involved in the Stonehenge Riverside Project which really influenced my interest in prehistory.

Following graduation I joined Museum of London Archaeology as a field archaeologist. I was able to work on wide range of excavations in London as well as Hampshire and Bath and excavate on some fantastic sites.

I have also completed an MSc in Early Prehistory from the University of York, where I specialised in lithic technology in particular that of the Mesolithic period.   My Masters thesis was a study of technological change in the Mesolithic of the Central Pennines with a  focus on social factors.

Since completing my masters degree I have been involved in a number of projects including analysing lithic assemblages from the Pitt Rivers Museum and the Tolson Museum. I am also interested in disseminating knowledge of the Mesolithic period to the public and have been working with the Young Archaeologists Club to develop activities for branch sessions.

My aims for the future are to continue my research into the Mesolithic through PhD research and to continue my participation in community archaeology events.


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