Projects and Activities

I have been involved in a number of activities and projects over the years including:

Young Archaeologists` Club Leaders Weekend

I will be demonstrating activities that I have developed for young people to engage them with Mesolithic research. This will involve hands on activities and worksheets created by myself. I will also be giving information to branch leaders on flint technology in the Mesolithic. The aim will be to enable branch leaders to run these activities across YAC branches nationwide.

Team member on Life in the Mesolithic Project

I have developed an activity and successfully trialled it at two outreach events. Firstly at Kings Manor Mesolithic activity day in conjunction with YAC and the University of York, and secondly as part of the Scarborough Mesolithic day as part of the Star Carr Project. The aim of these activities is to engage the public with Mesolithic research.

Lithic Analyst for Francis Buckley Project

This project was set up by Dr Paul Preston in order to carry out an analysis of the Mesolithic lithic assemblages collected by Francis Buckley in the 1920s. I have been involved in carrying out analysis of lithic assemblages held within the Tolson Museum in Huddersfield and the Pitt Rivers Museum Oxford.

Volunteer Stonehenge Riverside Project

I carried out excavation and recording on site at Durrington Walls the largest Neolithic henge monument in Europe. My time there involved four weeks on site and four weeks post excavation. This involved sorting artefacts such as bone, lithics and pottery.


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